I am a numerical computation researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory working in Earth and Environmental Sciences My skill set includes:

  1. Solution and optimization of nonlinear problems,
  2. Software engineering and algorithm design for number-crunching applications,
  3. Analysis of the accuracy and stability of numerical algorithms,
  4. Syntax tree manipulation and generation, and
  5. Computation on parallel systems and exotic hardware.

I design novel numerical methods and algorithms for scientific problems involving multiphysics, multiphase flows and discontinuities. My work in Energy Geosciences is currently directed towards tackling the following problems:

  1. Predicting the responses of oceanic gas hydrate reservoirs,
  2. Imaging of geophysical processes through simulation inversion,
  3. Solving transport along fracture networks during fracture propagation, and
  4. Developing new multiscale techniques for watershed-scale problems.

In my tool-sharpening efforts, I design meta-programming packages for scientific computing to use in my everyday work for techniques such as automatic differentiation and basis function generation. Cornflakes and popcorn are the current incarnation of this work.

You can find different things I work on around the internet:
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afqueiruga Research codes
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